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Serving the Houston community of adults and adolescents faced with chronic illness/condition, Lazarus House provides an opportunity to pursue wellness in a unique, safe, and comfortable setting.

Lazarus House was founded in 2002 to provide critical support to Houston residents living with conditions that have a collateral impact on muscle health. We offer adults and adolescents the chance to pursue holistic wellness in a supportive, safe, and comfortable setting.

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The Team

Our program team consists of doctors, PTs, trainers, dietitians and medical advisors, all supported by Lazarus House's passionate leaders and Board. We pool essential, diverse resources and work as a community to create a nurturing environment where patient outcomes are the top priority.


Compassionate Team

Board of Directors

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Our Mission

Lazarus House's mission is to combat disease-related muscle loss—a devastating side-effect of many chronic illnesses— through low- or no-cost access to exercise, nutrition, and support in a non-clinical environment.

We strive to cultivate a comfortable, safe environment designed to eliminate stigma and reduce stress and anxiety frequently associated with exercising in a public setting.

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Financial Responsibility

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The Lazarus House is committed to being fiduciary managers of all funds received. We will responsibly and ethically utilize funds to the fullest to benefit people in need, allowing our donors to be confident in whom and what their donations support.

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